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Joonus Saint and Sons

Joonus Sait and Sons was established in the year 1905 at Rattan Bazaar, by Late Mr. Yunus Sait the grandfather of Mr.Usman Sait. Yunus Sait was not new to this business. He had been running a similar concern, far away from his native Kutch, in Bellary. Joonus Sait and Sons is the largest stockist of woollens in the whole of South India. It carries huge stocks of woollen materials, pullovers, rugs and shawls offering a wide choice to its customers. Joonus Sait and Sons have been supplying the clothing needs of denizens of Madras for a long time. Those who grew up in Madras hold memories of trudging there with their parents to buy a mackintosh for the rainy season, a school bag before the annual year or a pullover for those rare holidays in the hills.

Welcome to Joonus Sait & Sons

Exclusive Woollen Showroom

With a wide variety of woollen material on display it offers to its customers a combination of good quality material and at the same time competitive prices.

It is common knowledge that woollens rarely form part of an average Madarasi's wardrobe. What does he do then when he finds himself travelling to cooler climates?. The odds are that more often than not, the shop he would turn to in a hurry would be Joonus Sait and Sons in Rattan Bazaar.